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download free Virus (Alter Life 2)
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Virus (Alter Life 2)

This manual will help you to learn in detail the rules of the game Virus.

Your aim is to control a colony of viruses and struggle with AI colonies. You will have to move around computer nets, occupy computers and overpass computer security.

First of all let's define the game terms:

  • colony - all groups of your viruses
  • group - all viruses, submitted to one attractor
  • attractor - object, by means of which you can control a group of viruses.

Virus Attractor- main attractor

There can be only one main attractor in each colony. It controls the largest group of viruses and enables you to create attractors of other sizes.

Virus Attractor Virus Attractor - secondary attractors

They can be two types, differing only in sizes of groups they control.

Let's see the game description

You start each level havingat your disposal only one main attractor and small group of viruses (you can see your viruses red-coloured at all pictures)

To look through the information about each group of viruses select the attractor and info will be displayed in the bottom right corner.

There you can see several indicators of your viruses' characteristics.

The upper indicator is Population - it shows the number of viruses, submitted to the selected computer. We can see 800 of 800 points, it means that the group is complete and it won't increase in number.

The next indicator is Life - it shows the energy resource which the viruses of your attractor have. We can see 25 points of 110. It means that your viruses are quite weak and now you should occupy a computer to accumulate as much energy as possible.

The last indicator is Upgrade - it shows how much energy must be accumulated to upgrade given attractor to the next level.

Two additional parameters are also displayed there - Attack and Defence. They show attack and defence power of each virus in group of the selected attractor.

Now we pass on to the game process

At the moment we can see only onedevice of the whole net. It's hub. Let's direct our viruses to it. To do that just drag the attractor to hub.

White line shows the way your viruses will pass reaching the attractor. As soon as viruses reach hub you will see all computers connected to it.

We can see 3 computers, 2 of which are occupied by AI viruses. No sense to attack them now, because our viruses are still too weak. That's why we should occupy available computer.

As soon as viruses reach the computer you will have to wait till they accumulate energy.

Now that the energy is accumulated you should decide what to do next. There are several options, let's dwell on two of them:

  • wait till our viruses accumulate more energy and become upgraded (indicator Upgrade shows how muchenergy must be accumulated)
  • start building attractors to increase the number of our viruses

If there is an opportunity to upgrade our viruses why should not use it, while there is no menace of attack. Wait a little more till the energy required for upgrading accumulates. As soon as our viruses become upgraded, it can be seen in the bottom right corner characteristics.

Meanwhile blue viruses start attack, so we have to react immediately. Select our attractor, buttons 250 and 500 on our right panel become active. They can build attractors of 250 and 500 viruses respectively. Click on 500 button. One more attractor has emerged on the field.

Select and drag this attractor slightly to the right and dispose it on the way of blue viruses to the main attractor. As you may notice, when you select the attractor of 500 viruses, the button 250 becomes active. Click on it. One more attractor of 250 viruses has emerged. Put it in order to protect present attractors till they restore the number of their viruses.

Then repeat your actions so that we have two attractors of 500 viruses and two of 250 viruses. But even these viruses are not enough to hold out, that's why we select all attractors available in the field and click on the button 250 to build more attractors. As soon as you get new small attractors, line them up so that they can protect us from attacking blue viruses.

Now that we have a group of attractors, it's time to counter attack. But before it let's build some more attractors to strengthen the attack.

But computer, which we have occupied, became dark. That means we have overloaded it and it buzzed. So it needs time for rebooting. We have to postpone the attack till the computer starts working again.

As soon as the computer starts working build more attractors. We are ready to counter attack. Build a group of 6 attractors of 250 viruses and drag them to the nearest computer.

Two attractors have been annihilated on the way to it. You will have to repeat attack for some times to occupy the nearest computer.

Now we have 2 computers. Drag some attractors of 500 viruses to the captured computer. Build as more viruses as possible and direct them to the rest group of blue viruses.

It have taken you single attack to annihilate them.

You won!

Passing of this level is described as a sample. You will work out your own strategy during game process, which may differ a lot from the abovementioned one.
Each level contains different bonuses. They improve the parameters of your viruses and can be collected. The more bonuses you collect at starting levels the easier will be to pass the game for you.

Good luck

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