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River Raider
Updated! Remake of old and very popular game - River Raid. Play for free online

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Air Assault Mac OS

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River Raider for Mac OS X released.

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River Raider II
Updated! is not simply the next 3D River Raid.

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River Raider II.
is not simply the next 3D River Raid.

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River Raider II

You run a plane (F-22 or F-18 at your option). You can fly above the water and above the ground.

You are resisted by hostile planes, helicopters, ships and ground air defense. Yellow barrels, hanging above the river are containers with fuel - they should be picked up.


  • Beware of collision with planes, which fly at low height and with the high speed.
  • Helicopters can move with ease, hover and shoot rockets. Frequently helicopters fly in groups and accompany the ships.
  • The ships conduct air-barrage, can shoot rockets and float.
  • Submarines can unexpectedly emerge and open fire.
  • In order to ruin the big ship you have to fire from two to four rockets at it.

There are two types of ground air defense:

  • antiaircraft guns, which conduct defensive fire and fire at a given section;
  • Rocket projectors, which conduct continuous fire with rockets;

Constructions, which prevent you from flying above the ground at small height; It is possible to defeat a building but collision even with a padded building results in a wreck;

If you get into a complex situation try to use this maneuver (Shift + left/right). Using this maneuver, you can go through the defensive fire of ships, antiaircraft guns or air defense and prevent collision.

The description of keyboard settings is installed by default.

You can use cursor buttons to control your airplane.
Ctrl - rocket firing
Shift+ left/right - maneuver.

Pay attention to that fact that the higher is speed the more fuel is charged!

When you see your boss is approaching, just press "Enter" button and game will get minimized.

Tips & Tricks

Tips for measuring the height:

  • If water reflects a plane's shadow, you are secured from collision with the ground;
  • Use an expanded view instead of the top view;
  • There where a rocket can fly by, your plane will be able to fly too :).

If you press on a brake then the maneuver will work without speeding-up :).

Try not to change the default keyboard settings. We were convinced by our own experience many times that such combination of keys is a correct one.

Usage of afterburning increases the charge of fuel. In order to save fuel, use a cruiser speed and do not turn on afterburning or thrust reverser.

If there are many enemies, try not to knock them down, but to fly them by and you won't collide with them. You will get less points, but will save your fuel, life and will increase probability of passing over this level successfully.

Good luck!

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