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River Raider
Updated! Remake of old and very popular game - River Raid. Play for free online

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River Raider for Mac OS X released.

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River Raider

River Raider is new remake of classical game River Raid. We try to keep every single nuance of gameplay of original River Raid.

You act as F-15 strategic fighter pilot, your task is to terminate enemy's main base, and destroy its forces.

The antiaircraft defense systems of enemy is fast and deadly so you should flight near water to avoid expose yourself at enemy's radars, corresponding that beware river's banks.

Time to time you will find bridge across the river - explode it and if your fighter will be destroyed you still be able to continue your mission from position of recently destroyed bridge.

For each destroyed enemy unit you will get bonus points, and then, when you collect required quantity of points you will get additional life.

To refuel your fighter you may flight over fuel station. Refueling will be continued as long as you flight over fuel station, so... slowdown.

BOSS ALERT! Press "enter" button to minimize game window!

Have a nice river ride.

Tips & Tricks

Fuel consumption is permanent and independent of speed. So try flight as fast as you can from one fuel station to the next one.

Guide your fighter over the central curve of river.

If a lot of enemies surrounding you - do not terminate it, just concentrate your attention on deviate from collision.

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