River Raid History

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River Raider
Updated! Remake of old and very popular game - River Raid. Play for free online

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Air Assault

Puzzle Spring adventure Mac OS

Air Assault Mac OS

Puzzle Spring adventure Help fairy Spring to defeat evil witch and bring spring to a fairy land.

Air Assault is a classic arcade-style scrolling shooter game. Control your helicopter, destroy enemies, enjoy the game.

River Raider for Mac OS X released.

Arabesque puzzle
a new puzlle for the whole family.

River Raider II
Updated! is not simply the next 3D River Raid.

Filler puzzle.
An exciting puzzle game for the whole family.

Thrilling real time strategic game (RTS).

BrixFormer puzzle is a package of 8 brilliant logical and puzzle games. Now free.

Snatch And Run : Lode Runner
Most accurate remake of classical game Lode Runner. Now free.

River Raider II.
is not simply the next 3D River Raid.

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River Raid history

Before 1982 rolled around, almost every shooting game was confined in one screen. River Raid changed all that. Created by Carol Shaw, the first female home game designer, its was also the first vertically scrolling game ever.

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With crisp and colorful graphics and great gameplay, Shaw has created a winner. It does get tougher as you progress, especially since fuel becomes less plentiful and the fact that you have to do some fancy acrobatics to avoid hitting the ground.

You play as a jet that has to fly up the "River of No Return," shooting at just about everything in your way. The objects, which include jets, helicopters and boats, try to stop you by crashing into you. You have to stay in the river, or you'll collide with the sides. As your plane flies up, you consume fuel. You can go faster or slower, but the fuel consumption stays the same. To refuel, you need to fly over red and white striped barrels that say FUEL (you may want to slow down over these, to get the maximum fuel). Each level, or part of the river, is divided by bridges. Shoot the bridges and you can continue. You also start from the last bridge you blew up when you die, even if you haven't crossed it yet.


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